Your customers never miss
a beat, or their trip, and you make money.

Voice, Visual, Contextual, On Time

Introducing Voxore, the unified guidance platform for airports, airline lounges, subway, metro bus stations,
and just about any high foot-traffic public space.

Features That Matter

Pressure tested in real-world scenarios
Responsive Layout

Extremely Intuitive

Control the visual and audio elements of your real estate with a super simple interface.

Retina Graphics

Visually Stunning

Feature all kinds of content onto compatible wireless display points across your premises.

Powerful Performance

Strike Gold Smartly

Comprehensively know which areas of your premises are getting attention and drive your rates there.

Responsive Layout

Sounds of the World

Our linguistic engine ensures that the right inflection, pronunciation and sound is announced every single time.

Retina Graphics

Protect Your Interests

In-depth statistics of audio and video events across the system provide the irrefutable proof you need to protect against passenger claims.

Powerful Performance

Give Context Effortlessly

Targeting your content has never been simpler. We provide an exhaustive list of options to choose from.

Responsive Layout

Puts you on the map

Paired mobility solutions provide your premises with a valuable set of customers and foot traffic that just has to come and buy.

Data Search by Voxore

In-depth Search

Your operations are a treasure trove of data, interactions and activity. Make sense amid the chaos with detailed reporting and search

Powerful Performance

Security by Default

The architecture provides security by default by enabling complex set of access verification methods which annoy the hacker, but not the user with the right key.

How It Works

See the video below to know why your passengers will thank you.


We deliver real value to millions of passengers!
  • Voxore has become a true staple of our passenger operations across KSA and helps us serve our guests better.

    Wajdy Mohamed Al-Ghabban Saudia Catering
  • The smile thats always on our passenger's faces as they leave the lounge for their flights, on time, makes it well worth it. We are winning hearts and minds thanks to Voxore.

    Jeser Valois Al Fursan Lounges
  • AutoPAS (now Voxore) has singlehandedly provided our airport with state of the art technology capabilities to provide intelligible boarding and general instructions to our passengers. They have worked tremendously with the unique integration to our very old public address system. Training our more than 20 personnel on these systems has also been very easy.

    Hatem Al Turki Riyadh Airports Co.

The Platform

In everyday operational scenarios, a mix of audio and visual cues help customers and passengers to take sound steps and be informed about various important announcements. Similarly, in times of emergencies and disasters, a dependable mix of audio visual wayfinding can provide customers with the added ease when they really need it. Voxore provides seamless integration with a variety of display screens both mainstream and custom retro fitted to work with it, thereby providing our customers a high level of flexibility when it comes to adding a visual layer to the voice.

Context in advertising is really hard to pinpoint and be precise about. Our groundbreaking algorithm provides multiple ways to automate and contextualize audio and visual advertising messages using the platform by analyzing individual data points and collating. This approach achieves a superior return on investment for our customers who use it for their own advertising goals or sell advertising space to other brands. We engage with customers and help brands win by providing context that results in superior brand retention.

Intelligibility in public announcements is key to predictively guide and manage the millions of passengers that commute through travel hubs every day. That coupled with the ability to learn linguistic patterns with localized voice depth provides Voxore truly limitless applications around the world. Ability to add pre-recorded announcements for prayers, fire/rescue evacuation messages are also supported.

The air, rail, ground transportation industry especially airport authorities, airlines etc are consistently and constantly finding better ways to ensure that passengers do not game the system and a lack of modernization in public announcement and instruction capabilities to claim compensation for missed trips. On the other side, sloppy or unprofessional behavior that deliberately puts passengers at mis-information risk poses an expensive threat to regular airport and airline operations.

Voxore provides securely encrypted archival and lightning fast retreival features to ensure that you are always ready with information that protects your interests, ensures your safety and delivers the professional performance you demand from your staff.

High traffic environments like airports, train stations etc require speed, accuracy and repititive efficiency in operations to let the millions who travel through them be better informed and on time for their travels. Voxore integrates with leading FIDS/AODB/PIDS products and platforms to provide high demand environments with the superior automation they need. Our sophisiticated middleware seamlessly connects actionable data and provides optional one-click or fully automated operation of the system.