Web Solutions

The Case Study Providing the launchpad to the top

Project Brief

This client is a globally renowned automobile manufacturer with joint production with giants like Mercedes Benz. Their regional arm in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had tried before unsuccessfully with older dealers to promote the brand across the demographic spectrum of its buyers.

Statistically, smartphone penetration and digital content consumption is on an upward growth trend in KSA and the new dealers were struggling to connect the digital and retail side of their operations to fully capitalize the potential.

The unique need was for an online operational hub that would manage various every day aspects of the dealership, and at the same time provide common-sense integrations to modern social platforms. Providing detailed information about vehicles, and ensuring that customers can get in touch for all kinds of requests easily was also a key requirement.

Challenge Accepted


Specialized automotive dealership management system implemented with custom workflows, access levels and reporting built right into the system.

Vehicle inventory stocking, landing page design and layouts centralized and made extremely easy to use and replicate.

Bi-lingual design and cultural relevance with native translation libraries built to maximize impact with local audiences.

Solution Designed

  • Extensive automotive dealership management system, Autosol DMS, implemented with specific customizations for client in workflows, access levels and front-end language options.
  • Centralized inventory management, landing page design, and layout editiability made extremely easy to use across all user expertise levels.
  • In-depth social behavior research backed design to make the whole website for customers extremely easy to use, easy to read and absorb information and take the ultimate buying decision.

Results Delivered

Extremely Intuitive

70% increase in productivity for marketing and event management teams, both internally and customer facing, decreasing the overall time it took for them to collect, organize and publish content for their needs using focused, intuitive UX design.

Growth Enabled

50% increase in consumer foot fall with synchronized and time-relevant promotional campaigns being executed across the breadth of operations in KSA.

Continously Effective

100% increase in efficacy and efficiency of content handling i.e. vehicle data, documents, videos and images has made the revamped and launched web portal an immediate operational success with inventories flying out of the showroom rapidly.