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The global market today is cut throat, and innovation is constantly outperforming itself in the form of better, faster, and reliable technology solutions for businesses and consumers. The world around us is surrounded by software, applications and technology that we interact with and benefit from on an every day basis.

Our application/software development project engagements have provided us with unique industry insight, process know how and the inside workings of a variety of businesses, small and big. At the core of every customer’s requirements is the need for us to understand the challenges and the solutions to them using technology as a medium.

Our software application development services provide our customers with professional resources and robust product build quality at cost effective rates with a proven process methodology. We make it very simple for you by to communicate your next big idea, your core pain with an existing product, or your challenges with automation. In 90% of our engagements with clients, effective, clear and results driven communication at the outset of the project directly contributes to the project’s success.

Our offices around the world make it easy for your business to gain access to our facilities, resources and proven process methodology wherever your business is or wishes to expand. We maintain a strong footprint in North America, the Middle East and Europe region and South East Asia. Our proximity to these regions help us to provide our customers’ projects with on-demand and long term technical staffing quickly and efficiently to support their operations. Our service offerings consist of custom web and desktop application development, end-to-end software development consulting, systems integration and conversion of legacy systems to modern systems.

Services We Offer

We interact with the web in various ways with technologies that enrich our lives and businesses. The core factor behind the success of any web application, be it for commercial or internal corporate purposes is the user experience (UX). We start our projects with usable and highly interactive interface mockups matching the business needs, requirements and expectations of our clients.

By keeping the usability factor on our highest priority, we are highly aware of the fact that every business and company has a completely different design ethos. We sit down with our clients to ensure that we go through their business identity and culture before designing the interface.

From highly integrated, interconnected systems with multiple layers of interaction and authentication to web portals with ecommerce development needs and requirements, our highly capable web applications and ecommerce developers are skilled in highly popular open source web applications development frameworks and technologies like CodeIgnitor, Wordpress, Ruby On Rails, Python, Sugar CRM and many more. Our complete sets of services consist of:

  • CodeIgnitor Web Application Development Services

  • Ruby On Rails Development Services

  • Python Development Services

  • Wordpress Customization Services

  • SugarCRM Customization Services

  • Customized ecommerce Solutions and Services

The modern globally competitive market demands that an organization’s website or e-business delivers instant inter-operability and connectivity across multiple entities. With increasing number of businesses looking to take their products and services online, building a collaborative online environment calls for an experienced approach, especially since there is a strong emphasis on the day to day satisfaction of end-user needs.

A must-have for any enterprise looking to become a part of the global business community, integration of your core business applications with e-business applications and interfaces guarantees not just greater competitive advantage, improved revenue generation, cost and time savings through enhanced operational efficiencies but also helps achieve better quality of customer service.

As a result, your business not only performs better but also makes it easy for customers to interact with you. A true win-win scenario.

Some of the diverse business applications that we have built for our customers include the following:

  • Web enabling Sales and Distribution

  • Web Storefronts, Virtual Offices

  • Shopping Carts

  • Private Label Sites

  • Online Transaction Systems

  • Online auction system development

  • Online communities

  • B2B and B2C portal development

  • Content Management

  • Inventory and Service Management Integration

  • Tactical Operations Alignment

  • Web Personalization Services

  • Payment Integration and Related Services

  • Web Enablement of Legacy Applications

  • Online Reporting and Workflow Solutions

  • Online Inventory Management and Order Tracking

  • Information/Service Portals

  • Internalization/Localization


  • Microsoft

  • Java

  • Ruby On Rails

  • XML, HTML5

  • PHP

SharePoint development is a delicate art mastered by extensive experience with different customer scenarios and product applications in various processes. Every SharePoint installation is highly customized to match your business needs and internal processes.

Facts of a typical SharePoint installation

Despite its complexity, users who have only a basic understanding of the platform’s capabilities can easily configure SharePoint. This, coupled with Microsoft’s no-fees approach to SharePoint Foundation makes it a compelling, and apparently, low cost solution. An AIIM study states that, incredibly, over 75% of SharePoint installations went ahead without any financial justification whatsoever!

SharePoint is a platform – it does not become an Enterprise IT Solution until it’s not configured to suit your business process and requirements. Even a SharePoint Foundation solution that is wholly planned managed and executed as an internal project has significant implementation and ongoing support costs.

SharePoint solutions created and implemented in the absence of formal requirements, policies and plans and expertise run the risk of low user adoption, SharePoint sprawl, costly rework and unnecessarily expensive future upgrades.

Partner with us for your unique SharePoint development and customization needs. We not only know what is involved at the business end of a SharePoint implementation but also know where and how to identify and decrease the immediate and long term expenses that your business might face without supervised project management.

The market has changed. Business has never been as customer centric today, and providing the best customer experience holds the keys to your revenue growth.

Mobile and web apps are more important than ever before and if your business relies on consumers (face it, most of us do) then you must be present in the mobile and web space. Our team of web and mobile app developers can build an app that puts your products and services right in front of your consumers.

Web-based business applications are a large part of custom software development today and Viable Dimensions possesses extensive experience in successful, custom web deployments in our history. Our highly trained software engineers and business analysts begin each challenge by working with our clients to analyze and prioritize business requirements. Building on that they begin designing the architecture and infrastructure that will serve as the foundation of your application. This includes database and interface design and integration with existing applications as well as hardware infrastructure design.

Through custom software applications, we provide solutions that make running a business a little easier. By automating processes, our software solutions help reduce human error, reduce costs, and improve profitability. How do we do this so easily? We simply look at your business from the inside-out, analyze your processes and create specific solutions that make common sense.

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