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Saudi Airlines Catering

Saudi Airlines Catering is a subsidiary of the Sky Team member Saudi Airlines (SAUDIA) and de facto catering arm for all airlines outbound from Riyadh, Jeddah, Madina and most recently Cairo. The operations have gradually seen nothing but expansion and the quality of production provided reliable long term clientele and an international admiration to the company.

The average daily capacity across all units is around 107 flights.

Skills Used

  • Interactive Display 40%
  • Software Development 60%
  • Mobile Application Development 70%
  • Website Development 70%
  • VoIP based Custom Contact Center Solution 50%

The Case Study

image Viable Dimensions enjoys a close and versatile relationship with Saudi Airlines Catering and has been a forerunner in many expansion projects of the company since the last 2 years. The technological challenges faced by a primarily food based company are as complicated as with any other.

Over the years, we has managed to secure a trustworthy, reliable and formidable association with the company and have executed a variety of IT projects.

Some of the major projects handled by Viable Dimensions for Saudi Catering are as follows:

  • Airport Announcement System

  • Tablet based In-Lounge Customer Survey Application

  • Tablet based Lounge Restaurant Menu and Food Ordering System

  • Integrated VOIP solution connecting nationwide offices via IP-VPN connectivity

  • Website development and design