Outsourced Call Center Services

outsourced call center services

Inbound call center services provide the customers with a point of contact with the business. Through inbound services, businesses can take in orders, provide customer support or technical help or even help desk services by phone. In turn, the customers are served or their problems are solved. Hence, this telephonic point of contact propagates the message that the business cares for its customers and will help them whenever they would need it. This is how a business is able to retain the customers, keeping them from opting for other businesses. Eventually, a growing clientele is ensured and a swift inflow of profits is maintained.

Businesses need outbound services in order to help the business with research work and to create a virtual outlet for sales, thus increasing the profits. In addition to increasing sales, outbound services also provide businesses with brand promotion and a better placement of the company’s products and services in minds of customers. Moreover, these call center services work in creating brand awareness and eventually, to increase popularity to attract customers right then or at a later point in time.

We also spealise in after hours telephone answering services with a stellar record of 6000 individual accounts belonging to businesses ranging from single-man operations to Fortune 1000 companies ringing in our call center.

Our pricing models include hourly, FTE and risk/reward based models. However, we try to always customize our offerings to cater to any customer, big or small, based on their unique scenario. This is why we don’t take no for an answer. Outsource your call center with us, your customers will thank you for it.

Services We Offer

Our Inbound Telemarketing Services provide 24-hour, high-volume telephone and Internet services through a broad team of customer care representatives. We service consumer response to advertised offers promoted on network and cable television, the Internet, direct mail and other media. Today, one of our fastest growing customer segment are direct response television advertising campaigns. Viable Dimensions inbound telemarketing contact centers provide our clients with highly predictable and professional services. Other clients include direct marketing companies, direct response advertising agencies, financial institutions, consumer goods companies, and telecommunications and data communications service providers. Most promote their products on television and use a toll-free number, so precision during every stage is critical to their success.

Learn more about our inbound telesales and marketing services below:

Schedling and Staffing

The direct marketing campaigns and advertisements run by our customers usually produce high volumes of calls and frequently require immediate response to televised spot advertisements. Our state of the art schedulng systems ensure our inbound telemarketing staff process each incoming call efficiently and appropriately. We constantly monitor call flow and make real-time adjustments to complex call projection models, providing our customers with the most cost efficient staffing and scheduling solutions.

Application Service

Product sales, lead generation, surveys and customer service are among our core competencies. We excel in specialized call handling and inbound telemarketing to support financial services, pharmaceutical marketing and product sales.

Inbound Phone Calls and Internet Inquiries

Each of our inbound telemarketing contact centers is fully equipped with well-trained operators, automated and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, and an experienced supervision and management staff - offering you the industry's highest standards of quality control, service flexibility and the capacity to meet your changing needs.

Our after hours answering service assists in keeping the lines of communication open with your customers even after your business closes for the night. Extend your business hours with our after hours answering service and you will be able to sell your goods or services all day and night, accelerate the growth of your business, and vastly improve customer service levels.

More than just an after hours telephone answering service, We are also open on weekends and holidays. Any time you need us, we will answer for you. We’re there as a seamless extension of your business 24/7—and you don’t have to pay us overtime, benefits, or any other associated costs you would incur if you hired a traditional receptionist.

Your customers are busy people who can’t always afford the time to make calls during the day. By answering calls in a professional manner morning, noon, and night, you will show customers that every call is important; you will show them you care. Offering your services 24/7 will improve customer loyalty and help boost your bottom line.

Key Benefits of Using After Hours Phone Answering with Viable Dimensions

Never Miss Another Call

If you miss calls after hours because none of your staff is available to answer the phone, you are missing opportunities to grow your business. Our answering service operators are available to answer telephone calls 24x7x365, even after hours. When you can’t answer the phone, we will answer for you.

A Live Voice is Always Superior to Voicemail

When callers reach your voicemail, you have lost an opportunity to make a good impression on existing clients; convert, upsell or cross-sell prospects; as well as a chance to connect with customers and grow your business. Don’t let your calls go to voicemail. Worse, don’t let incoming calls go unanswered. Choose an answering service to live answer all of your after-hours phone calls.

Reduce Hold Times and Abandonment Rates

The last thing your customers want is to be put on hold. Protracted hold times damage your brand and frustrate customers. Let us help you eliminate lengthy hold times and reduce the risk that your customers hang up—and take their business elsewhere.

Grow Your Business

Choose an after hours answering service to answer your calls so that you never miss another inbound call or opportunity to generate sales—even after hours. By being there for your customers at all hours of the day, on weekdays, weekends, and holidays, our answering service will help you capture every single sales opportunity.

Save Money

Instead of hiring and paying benefits for a receptionist to handle your overnight calls or relying on voicemail (and the patience of your customer), consider our answering service to answer your phone calls. Scale up the smart way as your business grows and choose an answering service.

Outsource your after hours phone answering service to us today at a no obligation 7-day trial. Over 6000 businesses trust us, you should too.

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