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Nas Airlines

NAS Airlines is KSA's first domestic and international low cost carrier flying around 23 destinations and a fleet size of 24 airliners and increasing. Being the first low cost carrier in a rich country the expectations of the audience were grandeur as followed by the national airline and thus caused a lot of operational and business process concerns for the company.

NAS Airlines has recently branded themselves as FlyNas and are more strongly placed and renowned as the best travel choice to over 20 destinations in the Kingdom and Middle East and Asia.

Skills Used

  • Project Management 90%
  • Software Development 30%
  • Call Center Consultancy 40%
  • Third Party Systems Integration 30%
  • Workforce Management 80%

The Case Study

image The word of a new budget efficient airline spread like wild-fire in the community and so the contact center was daily bombarded with requests of booking, changes, cancellations and many more. The monumental task of handling customer service and complaints was being handled in a lethargic and unsatisfactory manner.

The project was over staffed with around 70 agents servicing approximately 3000 calls on a daily basis. The key concern was handling high call numbers and eliminating queues while assuring each call was handled in the right way.

The airline had utilized the most advanced and dependable technical backbone but were pressed with emerging needs of handling staff technical issues, scheduling, call volumes and many other operational issues.

image A detailed modular study of the daily operations suggested issues mostly concerned with employee retention, training, work ethics, and operational efficiency shown by the flight operations department and the lack of fleet to cater to the growing number of interested flyers.

VD commissioned a full-time project manager to head operations for the call center which included but was not limited to:

  • Workforce Management

  • Quality Monitoring

  • Training and Development

  • Technological Expansion

Additionally, during the lifetime of the project, an advanced CRM and helpdesk management solution was also deployed to address to the needs of the staff resulting in better structuring of routine tasks and identification of blockages. The managerial and operational overhaul resulted in an increase in the team from 70 to 131 call center agents and the contact center's departmental takeover of the travel agency and airport operations units.