MBO Solutions

The Case Study Turnkey global presence,

Project Brief

This client Is an American national leader in televised infomercials, product placement and direct marketing who needed a cost effective, outsourced staffing solution which involved specialized customer service training, satellite link-up and integration of telephony, call and script handling technology with the client’s CRM systems.

Viable Dimensions with its strong global presence provides managed back offices (MBOs) to businesses in North America, United Kingdom, and Australia. We manage the robust infrastructure in Class A fully redundant locations in the Middle East and across South Asia, provide on site monitoring/remote surveillance access to clients, administrative/inventory management, video conferencing studios, custom infra-branding/interior design.

Challenge Accepted


Staff, train, continuously develop specialized resources for handling inbound call volume based on the client's service briefing and a customized call flow plan.


Integrate and design a middleware software between the client’s CRM, telephony systems. This would allow the client to have a hollistic view on all activities going on.


Ensure performance and productivity levels are met across the board with optimum standards as agreed to and declared by the client.


Identify, present and implement business process efficiencies. This is an ongoing effort that would regularly tweak resources and efforts to ensure compatibility.

Solution Design

  • COPC certified trainers designed extremely customized and personalized agent onboarding process flow for new hires as well as internally assigned, seasoned resources
  • Gamification of agents with supervisors forming teams. Awards and leaderboards between the different teams continuously improves the competitive factor and the will to perform better customer service.
  • Middleware custom designed and developed for integrating with the client’s CRM and telephony/call handling platforms.

Results Delivered

increase in productivity with gamified, rewards based competitiveness among teams working in different shifts.
increase in caller engagement with agents due to specialized accent neutralization and cultural sensitization training.
increase in number of sales for latter shifts starting from single digits.
reduction in staffing and running costs for the customer service cost centers.