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King Khaled International Airport King Khaled International Airport King Khaled International Airport

King Khaled International Airport Riyadh

King Khaled International Airport is one of the key four (4) major international airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. More than 80 airlines operate from the KKIA and this puts the numbers of passengers served at over 20 million, including domestic and international/transit travellers.

Skills Used

  • Custom Software Development 60%
  • Custom Hardware Integration to Legacy Systems 80%
  • Onsite and On Demand Technical Support 70%
  • Network Cabling and Termination 60%
  • Intelligent Embedded Sound Engineering 50%

The Case Study

image The King Khaled International Airport, in 2014, amids its rapid expansion plans to quadruple passenger count through the airport sought to rid of the delays, non-communication of key public annoucements, lack or loss of productivity in daily terminal operations and especially the ability to provide intelligible, acoustically balanced public announcements across its terminals and link zone areas.

KKIA was losing serious amounts of money in addressing passenger's claims of lost flights due to not having their flights announced. Legacy infrastructure in place was installed at the opening in 1983 and never modernized and upgraded. No inter systems integration existed with other flight information systems. Last but not the least, the new and improved system would need to go LIVE without any down time to continuous public announcements.

Viable Dimensions comprehensive solution was awarded this challenging, landmark undertaking after being selected from a group of regional vendors and integrators. The existing infrastructure and key points of software and hardware integration were programmed, developed and fabricated to ensure robust and reliable use for a considerable long term. Custom software was developed and integrated with TAV Technologies leading AODB offering to ensure unparelleled ease of use for the PA operators who are personally responsible for the safe and secure performance of their duties to guide tens of thousands of passengers daily.

The resultant solution continuously operational at the KKIA has:

  • Increased productivity by at least 40% by automating and modernizing the core method of announcements.

  • Helped more than 20 million passengers get to their flights on time with claims coming down to almost none.

  • Provided ease of use and trainability for KKIA to expand its operational staff fully proficient on the system.

  • Enabled deep analytical improvement to business processes by re-engineering, simplifying and automating monotone and non productive tasks.

  • Guided with over 1 million highly intelligible and accoustically balanced announcements to elevate the image of KKIA as an innovative, passenger friendly leading airport of the region.