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King Fahad Medical City

King Fahad Medical City also popularly abbreviated as KFMC consists of four hospitals making up a total of 1,095 beds Main hospital, maternity, pediatric and the rehabilitation center. In addition to the hospitals there are primary care clinics like the Faculty of Medicine, Medical Centers like the Prince Salman Heart Center, Neuroscience Center, Prince Sultan Hematology and Oncology Center and Specialized Diabetes and Endocrine Center.

Skills Used

  • Interactive Display 80%
  • Software Development 30%
  • Branding 40%
  • Custom Hardware 70%
  • 3D Designing 50%

The Case Study

image The Design and Training Development department acts as a sole facilitator of graphics/printing materials to all the hospitals and activities therein. The department is also tasked with handling VIP presentation meetings and events organization where health officials from different areas visit KFMC and take a tour.

image An interactive digital 3D map was drawn and plotted for the purpose of providing touch based real time information on each of the different hospitals and departments operating under the KFMC. The content management software was developed keeping in mind the requirements of future content editing hence careful attention was given to the editing and content addition by non-technical staff members.

The design team at KFMC are now equipped with a fully customizable, interactive solution that provides engaging graphics, touch interactivity and a robust content management engine to create productions and presentations and portray the KFMC's technological edge in a smarter more viable fashion.