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ISE Limited

The international Systems Engineering is a Saudi extension of the BAE Systems providing primarily aviation technology solutions to the Saudi Royal Air Force.

ISE, since established, has successfully participated in a significant number of large-scale strategic programs in the Aerospace and Defense sector, such as the Peace Shield, SAWARI II, Peace Sentinel, King Fahad International Airport (KFIA), and Advanced Simulation Systems programs.

In addition, ISE completed a number of sophisticated projects in the banking, government, and private sectors. ISE's execution - of such programs and projects - helped developing its experiences and capabilities, to provide professional solutions and efficient services to meet the needs of large-scale technology related projects.

Skills Used

  • Technical Helpdesk 40%
  • Third Party Systems and Software Integration 60%
  • IT Consultancy 70%
  • VoIP-based Custom Contact Center Solution 50%

The Case Study

image Being a highly sensitive arm of the Saudi Royal Air Force, the company headquarters are located around the outskirts of the Riyadh city in a secure commercial/residential compound. Other consultancy and engineering subsidiaries also operate in the same area bringing the strength to 7 companies and around 200 employees.

The key concern with these offices was that ISE, bring the key player, provides the communication and web services to all other companies and hence faces service, problem handling issues regularly. Data shows an average of 12 service calls daily being received and due to lack of staff are handled with delay affecting the overall quality of service of the company.

image An organization wide technical helpdesk project was executed with web-based ticket management and a unified telephony solution to assist in handling the service calls and upgrade requests. Two full-time technicians were placed in the main data center following up the service calls and providing remote or on-site problem resolution.

Since most of the service requests were pending, the company saw a decrease of service calls pile up by 70% within 3 months of the project deployment.