Internet of Things

The Case Study Achieving efficiency with innovation.

Project Brief

This client is a key international airport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that caters to a total of 25 million annual passengers, many of whom dwell in the city as well as transit to onward airports of Madinah and Jeddah for their religious pilgrimages.

The airport needed a voice lift in terms of instructional guidance, intelligibility in its voice announcements and key enhancements to its infrastructure to make the best use of modern FIDS/AODB systems which were implemented there after the 2000s.

Challenge Accepted


Design a modern, interconnected and contextually aware digital announcement system and integrate it with legacy public address and transmission systems to distribute intelligible public announcements.


Design a system which invokes accountability and transparency across all staff levels and can provide airport operations with a real time, bird’s eye view of the public address system.

Solution Design

  • Enterprise grade Voxore® custom designed digital announcement system.
  • Purpose built IoT (Internet of Things) switching, sound transmission and zone selection hardware designed and integrated with legacy Acromedia Corporation public address system, which helps to control the whole infrastructure.
  • Lightning fast, secure archival, storage and retrieval to protect client against passenger claims about non transmission of announcements.
  • Localized front-end interface designed for predominantly Arabic speaking staff and operators.
  • Highly intelligible announcement fidelity across all airport areas.
  • Semi/full automated voice announcements with highly specialized FIDS integration.
IoT Case Study Solution Model

Results Delivered


Productivity within the public announcement and airport operations unit increased sharply by 60% within 30 days of the system’s implementation and continues to this day with old users and new recruits alike.


Complaints and unsubstantiated passenger refund claims for unheard/unperformed public announcements decreased by 90%, as the airport now possesses time-stamped, system generated audio recordings archival with powerful analytics down to a single announcement.