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Dunkin Donuts

The internationally popular Dunkin Donuts and Coffee chain has a broad following in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The controlling authority, Shahia Company for Food Co., has become a nationwide success story and continues to open new locations all around the country.

To date Dunkin Donuts operates over 200 branches in the Kingdom.

Skills Used

  • CCTV Monitoring 80%
  • Building Automation 40%
  • Access Control 70%
  • Interactive Display 30%

The Case Study

image The most threatening concern to the business operations of the company was an increasing report of thefts and missing items from their branches. The more remote these branches were, the more reports were received by the HQ in Riyadh.

The situation required an immediate resolution and a counter system designed to minimize and record daily branch activities and at the same time monitoring may be done by the Chief Security Officer in the HQ.

Additionally it was also important to monitor staff attendance and access restrictions to branches to assure a trace can be made and culprits identified.

image The task was daunting as it required covering a widespread network of more than 70 branches (project initiate d with the top afflicted) via an array of CCTV cameras, remote server recording and monitoring centrally connected to the Security Office in HQ.

Each of the 70 branches was visited, installed, configured and made live to be monitored centrally from HQ. The access control systems were also network connected to deliver access logs directly to HQ. Data storage solution supporting a staggering 15TB of data was deployed. A week-long training was held with high officials and security staff.