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Credenda Virtual High School

A chain of virtual high schools located in Saskatchewan, Canada. Using leading edge technology, Credenda creates learning communities of students and teachers who meet online in real time regardless of their individual physical locations.

The school has over 25 employees ranging from teachers, administration and IT staff. Recently Credenda was backed by the Prince Albert Council and converted into a non-for-profit organization with over 300 high school and 200 university students.

Skills Used

  • Game Development 80%
  • 2D Designing 40%
  • Web Development 70%

The Case Study

image The Prince Albert Grand Council and the Office of the Treaty Commissioner sought to incorporate the rich and historically vibrant history of Canada and the treaties developed by the first nations with the natives into the student syllabus.

Due to the dreary nature of the subject, the offices intended to develop certain games that would engage interactive student response as well as provide them with a means to learn the subject.

The objective was to take these games into the mainstream high school syllabus and make them part of the testing system particularly for this subject.

image Five games were developed after acquiring the storyboarding from teachers of the subject which were related to fishing, yacht racing, horse riding, berry picking and eventually a Q&A game.

These games were selected as reference activities done by the old native tribes and each was preceded by questions related to that specific tribe or area.

Students would start off with a game, answer questions based on their syllabus and proceed to the next. Finally the Q&A game will record their answers and give grade. The system was made on an architecture to make future editing simple.