BLE Solutions

The Case Study Making employee management effortless

Project Brief

This client is a systems integrator with multiple service locations across Europe. Their combined workforce is very diverse with professionals from over 12 different countries and total about 450 in number. The client had been having problems with fingerprint machine systems and the reliability and effectiveness of their data. Lack of unified data and poor build quality of even the best systems in the market required a solution that would not be online but still function as a completely online system.

Challenge Accepted


Design a hybrid attendance analysis solution that is offline but can be synchronized from a central operations center.


Design a system which depends on multiple input mechanisms other than biometric to ensure that unreliable dependency on biometric hardware is eliminated or minimized.


Design a solution which enables HR management to see live attendance data in real time from any location.

BLE Case Study Solution Model

Solution Design

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons installed across all service locations at entry/exit points and rec/common rooms.
  • Customized mobile app designed for employees and personnel on IOS and Android that automatically communicates with these beacons when employees enter a pre-determined geo radius.
  • Employees communicate with the beacons through a virtual unlock mechanism that grants them entry and exit and marks their attendance, and reminds them to get back to the office if outside on a rec break etc.
  • Attendance data across all locations is automatically synced on demand and on scheduled times.Localized front-end interface designed for predominantly Arabic speaking staff and operators.
  • Centralized analytics dashboard provided to top HR management to review and manage these attendance devices across all location which provides real time data and the ability to generate detailed reports.
  • Integration of real-time employee attendance data to Sage® People.

results delivered

ease of use

Interactive and unique method of clocking-in has increased user adoption.


50,000 interactions in the first six months and counting.


Top management distributed globally get a real-time bird’s eye view of their employees.